Sunday, February 3, 2008

Layout of the week 2/3

New moves!

Do a layout of your LO's new moves, be it rolling or crawling or whatever else!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Photo edit of the week!

This week, take a favorite picture of your LO and add some type of effect to it. It can be anything you want! It might be a good idea to browse through some photo editing tutorials if you need a little inspiration on things to do. Play around with tints like sepia and black and white, dreamy effects, hand tinting, lighting effects....whatever you feel like!

Layout mission of the week

Scrap a layout of how your baby got their name! A great opportunity to do some journaling!

New tutorial links!

Extractor tutorial

Magic Wand Tutorial

Creating Animations Tutorial

Show and Tell Tutorial

Shape Tool Tutorial

Christa’s Circle Collage Template

Actions Resource

To open .rar files

Friday, January 11, 2008

Tutorial links

I figured I'd keep the freebie links on the page and archive the tutorials and add them in blog posts as needed so without further ado, here's the tutorials from the OP.

An assortment of tricks and tips:

Several effect tutorials:

Text effects

Text effect

Various tutorials

Tutorial for sharpening/color popping from Carolyn:

Tutorial for filling text with an image

Stock Photo Sites (Good for Backgrounds)

NEW Photo printing site good for odd sizes

Vicky Jo's Fairy Tutorial

Torn edges

How to use a template